Which Coal?

Purchasing coal to burn in any number of home appliances is a more inexpensive method of keeping your house warm. And if one lives in an area without a gas supply, it is more of a necessity as electric heating can be inefficient and expensive. Coal has been used for heating and cooking for hundreds of years; it is still very common to find a coal fire in a UK home which was once, or still may be, the main central heating source. While newer homes are typically being built without fireplaces, it can be argued that while the essential use for heating has diminished, an open fire is very much desirable for stylistic reasons.

Coal is of course a naturally-occurring rock that has been mined for hundreds of years, but there is more than one type of coal available to buy from National Coal Company thanks to modern manufacturing methods. Firstly you have the classic coal that comes to mind when you hear the name, which produces smoke when burnt. Classic coal comes in varying sizes, from large cobbles to smaller lumps. Then you have Anthracite that is sold by National Coal Company in five different forms, each a different size. Anthracite is coal that has taken longer to form (than classic coal) over thousands of years, and therefore has a higher carbon content meaning it burns differently. Anthracite is also a naturally-smokeless fuel because of this.

The Clean Air Act sought to reduce smog, particularly in major urban areas such as London which had a notable smog problem up until the 1950s. This led to the more widespread use of smokeless coal in smoke-controlled areas. As the name suggests Smokeless fuels do not produce smoke when burnt as they have had their volatile gaseous aspect, responsible for the smoke, reduced. Smokeless fuels are more ideally conducive to better human health and a cleaner greener environment. They are also more heat-efficient due to their slow-burning abilities and ultimately can prove to be more economical, however there is an initial outlay and investment in the more expensive price per bag.

Whatever your choice of coal National Coal Company can provide it. Visit www.nationalcoal.co.uk to order your coal today for free UK delivery to virtually all mainland areas.